FIFA 18 Skill Tutorial – Heel To Heel Flick

Here’s yet another FIFA 18 skill moves tutorial and it’s the 3 star skill the heel to heel ball flick which is one of the best on the entire game at taking defenders on and beating them one v one. Take a look at the full HD video guide below to learn everything about it and implement it into your game.

Although this is a 3 star skill it’s not recommended to use with 3 star skiller but instead it’s best to use 4 or 5 star players instead. This is because the variation is much more smoother and overpowered and the 3 star variation is poor.

To perform it in matches you simply flick the right analogue stick in the direction your player is facing and then immediately flick it in the opposite direction the player is facing. You will see that your attacking player will almost slide straight past your opponent and even create a slight speed boost so you can carry on sprinting in that direction too.

It’s used by all the pro’s and has been my favourite skill move on FIFA for the past three years but has recently been overtaken by another skill that we will be covering soon. The areas of the pitch in which to use it are the wings and anywhere near the opponents final third.

You’ll also win a lot of fouls using this technique! Free kicks and penalties and it’s great if you come up against even the best of players online as they will find it hard to cope with this incredibly OP skill.

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