FIFA 18 Career Mode Scouting Glitch

One of the most important steps in FIFA 18 Career Mode is to get a really great scout so you can identify world class players. It’s a must have in-order to get top youth talent for your academy. Here we share a clever glitch that helps you get all three 5 star experience and 5 star judgement scouts for the positions.

You can watch the above video as it explains everything in depth but if you prefer to read then we will explain how to do it in this article. Basically what you have to do is keep hiring and firing scouts until the best possible one shows up. It’s not that simple though! You need to make sure that you always pick the best and most expensive scout each time instead of the lowest which is 17,000 as the glitch will not work otherwise.

There is only one catch to this method and it’s the fact that you’ll need quite a lot of cash. Not shed loads but also not exactly spare change either. Around 50 Million will be more than enough and it can be done with around 27M if you’re lucky. You can always just load your saved data up again and keep on retrying if you have the time.

The best thing about this is that you will have all three of the excellent scouts in your club for life and they will never disappear or be gone. This means that you only have to do this glitch once and not over and over again which is a fantastic relief.

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