FIFA 18 Passing Guide – 3 Best Driven Pass Tips

If you wanted to spruce up on your passing in FIFA 18 then this tutorial will help you out a lot. Here we will showcase the three best tips regarding the overpowered pinpoint driven pass. Check out the full HD video guide below or continue to read on to find out how best to use it in matches.

So to perform this is games you simply hold down the RT button on Xbox or R2 button on PlayStation and then press the pass button. This will ping the ball into the receiving player at a very fast pace and prevent the opposition midfielders and defenders from intercepting the ball greatly.

That is one of many benefits to using this incredible pass but it can also be used as a very powerful attacking weapon in the final third of the pitch too. You can use it as a glitch cross to reach the striker or CAM in the middle of the opponents penalty area and score easy goals as demonstrated in the above video.

It’s perfect to use to start an attack and hitting a pinpoint pass with your defenders to your midfielders or wingers can start something going and give your team a real intensity and rhythm to your game.

Aiming the driven pass into the striker is one of the best options as you can then bring other players into play and this technique is used by some of the biggest pro players in FIFA 18.

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