FIFA 18 Kick Off Glitch Tutorial – How To Score

One of the most annoying but also biggest advantages in FIFA 18 this year is the kick off glitch. In this tutorial you’ll learn the best tips on exactly how to score them almost every time you start at the centre circle after each goal. Check out the full HD video guide below to learn all the tricks.

The formula is quite simple but why you may not be scoring them is you probably are not taking advantage of the fact that the opposition defence is all over the place at kick off. They will act like they are on ice skates and very slow to react as well as poor marking.

This all falls into your favour as you can do some really quick passing and have a free shot at goal to get your team back in the game. Having an aggressive mindset is the best way forward with this loophole in the game and thankfully it’s set to be patched very soon so you will want to get on this asap.

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