How To Save Penalties On FIFA 18

Earlier in the year we covered how to score penalties but now we wanted to show you how to save penalty kicks in FIFA 18. There are a few decent tips that will give you the best chance of making saves with your keeper a lot more often than you have been. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn how.

One of the first things that you need to know is you can actually see where the players head is moving which is a way to know where they’re going to kick the ball. Look closely at the kick takers head and you will see it move left or right if they select them areas of the goal in which to aim.

If they don’t move their head then they’re either going straight down the middle of the goal of they are a very clever player who changes their mind at the very last second in order to fool you.

The second tip is to dive bottom left or bottom right as that tends to be the preferred corners of the goal that players like to go. If you move the right analog stick to the left or right then they will go for the top corners but moving it diagonally down left or right means your goalkeeper will dive for the bottom corners and make more saves.

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