How To Create Space On FIFA 18 (Best Skill)

So one of the most requested tutorials that we’ve got is one on how to create space on FIFA 18. You will learn a really easy to remember and perform skill move that will do exactly that for you in matches either offline or online. Take a look at the full HD video guide below to learn how to do it.

The skill move that we’re talking about is the fake shot to stop the ball still which is incredibly overpowered. To do it you simply perform a fake shot but without moving or touching the left analog stick. This is result in your player stopping the ball dead still so that you can analyse the situation from that point.

The great thing about this skill is anyone on the pitch can perform it and there’s no thinking time required. With defenders and midfielders running after you on the wings or in the central areas of the pitch you will end up leaving them feeling silly as you stop the ball and they carry on running which in-turn creates so much space for you.

In the opponents penalty area it is also very effective and it can create half a yard for you to get a shot out with one of your strikers in a really tight game. Make sure to subscribe to the official YouTube channel to get the latest news and tips on FIFA 18.