FIFA 18 Skills Tutorial – Stepovers Guide

Today we are going to cover one of the easiest and effective skills tutorial for FIFA 18 which is the stepovers. Easily one of the most recognised skills in the game of football, the stepovers are also a useful tool in confusing your opponent and skipping past oncoming players. Take a watch of the full HD video guide below to learn more on how to do it.

To be able to perform it in matches you’ll need a 1 star skiller which basically means any player on the game can do this skill which is fantastic. You have to wiggle the right analog stick from side to side in the direction you’re going in to perform the stepover motion. It’s a really easy skill move to do and remember which is helpful.

The best advantage that this skill has over the majority of the others on the game is the fact that you can literally exit in any direction you desire. Up, down, left, right and even diagonally. This ensures that you can remain as unpredictable as possible when choosing which direction you want your player to exit in.

There’s the added bonus on being able to perform as many stepovers as you like too! Depending on how much you wiggle the right stick, will determine how many your player actually does.

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