FIFA 18 Threaded Driven Through Pass Tutorial

One of the key passes to do in FIFA 18 is the threaded through pass which remains very much underused by gamers on the football simulation game. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to perform it and why you should be using it a lot more in matches. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn more.

As for the controls they are pretty straight forward, you simply hold the RB/R1 button down whilst pressing the through pass button which should be triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. The longer you hold the though ball button down the further the ball will travel but just pressing it quick enough will be sufficient in 99% of cases.

In the above video content you can clearly see the major differences between the standard and threaded through pass. With the standard version the ball will travel only a little bit in front of the player receiving the pass but with the threaded version it goes much further in front of them which is fantastic if you have pacey players in your squad.

It’s best to use it on the wings and at the halfway line if you want to do it down the middle to a striker with speed to burn. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our other great passing tips on the website too.