FIFA 18 Skills Tutorial – How To Roulette

Here we have another FIFA 18 skill move tutorial and this time we’re showing you how to do the 3 star skill the roulette. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn how to do it in matches whenever you want.

In order to perform it in games you simply move the right analog stick behind you in the direction you’re not going in and then move it around like a kind of half moon or smiley face and then end up with the right stick pointing in the direction you are facing.

It will take a bit of practice and the above tutorial really explains it best but when you nail it you will be able to perform it whenever you desire and it is one heck of a skill move to pull out of the bag especially against high pressure opponents.

This is because it’s most effective when a player is not containing but instead coming towards you and going in for the tackle. This is when you need to do it and the results will speak for themselves. Just remember you need at least a 3 star skiller on the ball to be able to do this skill.

It’s not a bad one to use in the central areas of the pitch but it is also good on the wings coming up or down too. Make sure that you are subscribed to the official YouTube channel to stay right up to date and more tutorials will be added soon.