FIFA 18 Skills Tutorial – Advanced Rainbow Flick

One of the best eye catching skill moves to use in FIFA 18 is the rainbow flick for so many different reasons. Well now you will learn exactly how to perform this incredible move in matches either offline or online. Check out the full HD video tutorial below to find out how to do it.

This is a 4 star skill move so the player will require at least 4 stars in-order to be able to perform it on the pitch. There two types in the game! The standard rainbow and the advanced rainbow flick.

Standard Rainbow Flick

This is by far the most effective and easier to do, all you have to do is flick the right analog stick in the opposite direction you’re going in once and then quickly double flick it in the direction you are going/facing. It’s a s simple as that and the results are amazing and it really is a beautiful on the eye skill move.

Advanced Rainbow Flick

To do this one you need to flick the right stick once in the opposite direction you are going in and then move the right stick in the direction you’re facing and hold it there for half a second and then flick it in that direction once. You should watch the above video guide for a better clearer explanation if you are not sure.

All in all it’s best to do the standard version as it’s more overpowered and can be used to intimidate the opponent especially against really good players. Bringing this skill out in games will end up making the opposition think that you know your buttons and are a decorated player at elite level so it has a fear factor about it.

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