FIFA 18 Protect/Shield The Ball Tutorial – 3 Methods

Here is one of the best tutorials on FIFA 18 you’re likely to see this year as we explain the three killer method of protecting/shielding the ball in the game. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn all the secrets.

Method 1

The first technique is basically what you’ve probably been using all along and how you actually know the protect the ball feature. It’s simple holding down the LT button on Xbox or L2 on PlayStation and moving the left analog stick accordingly.

Do not underestimate this one as it is very useful in retaining possession and is good especially with players who possess great strength and aggression statistics.

Method 2

The second method will require your players who you perform it with to have amazing strength stats and the better they are the easier it will be to pull off. If your players have the specialtie then even better!

This 2nd method is easily performed as well, all you have to do is when you do a through pass make sure you hold LT/L2 and the sprint button RT/R2 together whilst you are in front of the defender and you will stop the player from passing you and getting in front.

You will even see a motion of your player waving is arm in the air blocking off the recovering defender. This is a very hidden feature in the game and one all the pro players would not want you to know so enjoy it.

Method 3

The final tip we are going to share with you is the push motion where your player will shoulder barge the opposition. You can do this by repeatedly tapping the protect the ball button (L2/LT) and aiming the left stick in the direction of the opponent.

It’s best to execute this when you are either in front like method 2 or side by side of the player. Make sure to subscribe to the official YouTube channel to get the very latest FIFA 18 tips and tricks.