FIFA 18 Reverse Stepover Tutorial

Today i want to show you an incredible two star skill move which is the reverse stepover. This is by far one of the most if not the most underused and disrespected skill moves in the game. Watch the full FIFA 18 HD video tutorial below to learn how to do it in matches online and offline.

This skill is very different to others as it has a different effect and should be used in a completely unique way compared to others. As for the controls, to do it you simply move the right analog stick to the side of your player and then move it around until it faces in the direction you’re facing.

The above tutorial gives a better explanation of it but it’s really easy to pull off even in high competitive matches. You need to use it to confuse the approaching player and not to beat a man, this is where it separates itself from the rest.

The motion that it gives off makes it look like you are going to do a pass to a teammate or shoot at goal. This is where you can almost delay the defender into coming in for a tackle and actually dictate play yourself.

I highly urge you to master this skill and put it into your game straight away as it can be very useful sometimes especially with the fact that it is very alien to players as they wouldn’t have seen it being performed by anyone too often so therefore they will not know how to combat it.

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