FIFA 19 Low Driven Shot Tutorial

With the controls in the game being very different compared to previous versions, here we cover the FIFA 19 controls on how to perform the low driven shot. Easily one of the most used and overpowered, it’s essential that you learn how to do it in time for the new season. Check out the full HD video tutorial below.

So before it use to be simply double tapping the shoot button but now you have to hold down both of the front bumpers. So hold down LB and RB on Xbox or L1 and R1 if you’re playing on the PlayStation then use the left-analogue stick to aim at the goal and then power up the shooting gauge to exactly 2 bars of power.

You can go slightly under or over with the power but two bars is the magic number and will be sufficient enough every time. As for where on the pitch to use this method you’ll want to do it inside the opponents penalty area or one on one with the goalkeeper.

The new timed finishing is for outside the box so using the appropriate shot for a certain situation can make all the difference in FIFA 19. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up to date and more tips will be coming right here on the official website soon.