FIFA 19 Timed Finishing Tutorial

One of the most important new features that you need to learn in FIFA 19 is the timed finishing and we have all the information to help you with this. Here you will learn two methods on how to nail the timed shooting technique every time you shoot at goal. Watch the full HD video tutorial below or continue to read on.

To get use to the new system you first have to set up to only show the timed finishing indicator and you go to trainer settings and then show – mechanics – and just have timed shooting turned on. Turn everything else off otherwise you will have those annoying arrows on the screen and it will put you off.

Now that you have the correct setup! You need to learn two really effective techniques that will stand you in good stead for the rest of the season. The first method involves you concentrating and looking at your players foot that he is striking the ball with. You need to power up the shot but just as your player is about to striker the ball you then tap the shoot button one more time.

The second method will also help a lot, it involves you looking at the two lines/bars that close inwards. Obviously if you press the shoot button too early or too late the shot will not be that great and will lack power and accuracy. You need to look at this and try to aim for the middle which is highlighted in green.

Easier said than done as the bar does move at a really fast pace and this will only become easier with practice. The quicker that you learn this though, the better player you will be especially at high level online games.

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