FIFA 19 FUT weekend tips to ensure huge rewards

FUT 19

EA Sports has been constantly pushing the limits to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world with their ever improving FIFA franchise. The latest game FIFA 19 features an elite Ultimate Team mode where you compete with other online players. It might seem daunting at first but the FUT championship is really fun to play. It gives the player an overarching power to decide about the operations of your team.

However a decent understanding of football might not be enough to win rewards in the FUT. All you need to overcome that is to consult a few FIFA 19 weekend league tips, without which it’s like playing a match with an empty bench. Consider this would you play a FIFA 19 match against your friend without knowing a few tricks and cheats of the game, no right?

So here is a guide to make this weekend a rewarding one.

Become the king of one particular formation

Knowing your best team is the most basic step for a strong weekend league play. But a team can only be selected if you know what formation you are going to play. So instead of changing your formation every so often try sticking to a same formation over a long period of time. This way you know which player suits to your profile the most and thus you can easily field the strongest team. Changing formations constantly may be working wonders for Guardiola’s City but then again not all of us are a tactical genius like him.

Also useful for punters

Punters too can use this strategy to place winning bets every week. Predictability is the one thing a seasoned punter looks for most. And it is common sense to put your money on wagers that can actually earn you profits.

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Avoid making substitutions too soon

If your game plan is working fine but yet you find yourself to be a goal down at half-time you might want to look for quick fixes. More often than not such substitutions backfire. So you must stick with your plan going into the second half. If things don’t improve still then you can make a substitution.

There is no shame in clearing the ball

Many expert players will try to show off their skills by recycling the ball through their back-line. But this can easily cost you a goal if you are caught in the transition. So instead of allowing your GK to pass to the nearest defender don’t be afraid to hoof it downfield when in pressure.