All The FUT Formations

FUT 14 Formations

Since it launched a couple of years ago, more customisation and a variety of formations have been one of the most requested features that players have asked for to be included into the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team mode. This year, there are a total of nine brand new formations to choose from, and we’ve got them all listed below for

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EA Plan On Fixing Ultimate Team Transfer Bug

FUT 14 Transfer Bug

The entire development team at Electronic Arts Sports are currently working on a permanent fix to the dreaded transfer bug that’s arisen is the last week or so in the Ultimate Team game mode. Taking action to notify gamers on social networking site Twitter, EA thanked players for their incredible patience and asked them not to stop transfer activity whilst

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The FIFA 14 Chemistry Styles Explained In-depth

FIFA 14 Chemistry Styles Explained

The Meaning of Chemistry as Applied in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Winning a match in any game does’t depend on the player’s skills alone. The player’s attributes, fitness and the chemistry all contributes towards team efficiency. The chemistry of the team is very vital in the teams overall performance. The FIFA 14 chemistry styles are generally the representation of the

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Major FUT 14 Web App Update Coming Soon

FUT 14 Web app update

Electronic Arts have revealed in the last couple of days that a major update to the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team web app will be arriving shortly. The data that’s to be updated will clean up some much-needed improvements and make users experience when playing the web app a lot more enjoyable on the whole. Check out the full list of what

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