FIFA 14 Gameplay Coverage From E3 2013

FIFA 14 E3 Video

EA Sports have showcased off their upcoming FIFA 14 title at their E3 conference 2013 today. On show was a brand new demonstration video that showed all of the new features being showcased in full to the general public. The likes of Xavi, Iniesta and Lionel Messi are flicking the ball left right and center showing their delightful skills off

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Has The FIFA 14 Front Cover Been Leaked?

FIFA 14 Cover

There’s been plenty of news regarding FIFA 14 in the last couple of weeks, and it’s not about to stop there either. First of all, the official Xbox Reveal was very informative and included a special partnership containing Electronic Arts and Microsoft. Then the release date was officially announced as September 24th (North America) and September 27th for the rest

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team For PS4 Is On

FIFA 14 Ignite Engine

The highly anticipated PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 14 will include the ever popular Ultimate Team mode EA Sports have confirmed. PlayStation gamers around the world watching the Xbox One Live Event must have had to hold their breath for a day or so. The fact that Microsoft have got a very special relationship with EA Sports made it look

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FIFA And EA Sports Extend License Until 2022

EA Sports FIFA

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and EA Sports have announced this morning that they’ve extended their license agreement until December 2022. This news may come as a surprise in terms of timing, but not overall shocking. EA Sports will now continue to have the FIFA-branded games, and all the right to the official FIFA World Cup games too. EA

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Game List FIFA 14 Release Date

FIFA 14 Game Listing

Retailer (Game) might have just given away the official FIFA14 release date via a a brand new listing for the game that they’ve put up on their site today. We normally expect the popular footie simulator to be out around the September mark. With this new revelation though, we might just have to wait an extra month if the listing

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Female Players Won’t Feature in FIFA 14

FIFA 14 Female Players

There’ been a strong petition launched over the course of last year and running through to this year in which some gamers want female players in the FIFA franchise. More specifically, FIFA 14 and EA Sports have responded by saying that their upcoming game will not feature women in it at all. The petition which was put together by Fernanda

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FIFA 14 News Coming Tomorrow

FIFA 14 News

As we pointed out this week in a post, FIFA 14 news is coming tomorrow and what’s more it’s coming from the horses mouth! Yes, that’s right, EA Sports just tweeted a tweet saying retweet if you’re ready for FIFA 14 news tomorrow. Many of the gaming sites on the net didn’t believe that the information was correct. Most of

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