New Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle Deal Spotted For £329

Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle Deal

UK retailer Overlookers have put together an Xbox One and FIFA 14 bundle for as little as £329 which beats all current offers available online and in-stores. Microsoft decided to slash the price of the Xbox One to a reasonable £399.99 way back in February of this year which saw a Titanfall game chucked in for good measure. Major UK supermarket chain Asda and

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The 2nd List of Winter Upgrades For FIFA 14 Revealed

FIFA 14 Winter Upgrades 2nd Batch

EA Sports have released the second batch of Winter Upgrades for FIFA 14 that include Vidal, Hazard, Oscar and Diego Costa. The all-important details on how all these updates work are disclosed below: The upgrades apply to new players found in packs from this point forward. The Non-IF players in your club won’t receive an upgrade. If an upgraded player already has

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The FIFA 14 PS4 Invisible Ball Glitch Solved

FIFA 14 Invisible Ball Glitch

We noticed that there have been a considerable increase in gamers who own the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 14 complain about a terrible invisible ball glitch. We searched through forums and saw that many players were reporting the match ball appearing during certain matches, and then amazingly disappearing in the next one they played. So we thought we’d solve

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EA Plan On Fixing Ultimate Team Transfer Bug

FUT 14 Transfer Bug

The entire development team at Electronic Arts Sports are currently working on a permanent fix to the dreaded transfer bug that’s arisen is the last week or so in the Ultimate Team game mode. Taking action to notify gamers on social networking site Twitter, EA thanked players for their incredible patience and asked them not to stop transfer activity whilst

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