EA Release 2nd Patch Update For FIFA 16

FIFA 16 Second Patch Update

EA Sports have released the long-awaited second patch update for their FIFA 16 game and it’s now live on most major consoles including past-gen, PS4, PC and Xbox One. When you turn on the title next and go to play it you should see that your console or operating system says that FIFA 16 needs to update and you just

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The FIFA 14 PS4 Invisible Ball Glitch Solved

FIFA 14 Invisible Ball Glitch

We noticed that there have been a considerable increase in gamers who own the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 14 complain about a terrible invisible ball glitch. We searched through forums and saw that many players were reporting the match ball appearing during certain matches, and then amazingly disappearing in the next one they played. So we thought we’d solve

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