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The FIFA 14 PS4/Xbox One Title Update Goes Live

FIFA 14 Xbox One PS4 Title Update

Electronic Arts have issued a patch update for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that is intended to tackle the overall stability and Virtual Pro issues that have been causing players no-end of problems lately. The title update is now available for immediate download, and it comes with fixes for the stats and attributes on the Be A Pro game mode in particular.

The next-gen versions were only launched last month, but already EA Sports are determined to make sure that their players have the best possible experience whilst playing the worlds most popular football video game. The update will ensure that all of the Virtual Pro attributes and statistics will carry-over from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, and the PS3 to the newly released PS4.

FIFA 14 Xbox One PS4 Title Update

FIFA 14 Xbox One PS4 Title Update

The official Twitter account for EA Sports tweeted the news and can be viewed below:

The official EA Forums made a statement that included a big thanks to the fans of the series in their provided feedback on Twitter, Facebook and via the forums. They also go on to say how they are constantly looking to make considerable improvements over the course of the year to give a truly remarkable experience for their end-users.

How to Create a Game Face on FIFA 14

FIFA 14 Game Face

This feature is a welcomed returning one that many gamers like to use, and so we thought we’d give out a tutorial on how exactly you can do this in a step-by-step guide. The Game Face is basically a way for players to have their own face inside the video game so it actually looks like they’re in it for real. It offers total realism and allows players to literally control there-selves.

All that’s involved is uploading a front or side view of your face for the computer to automatically generate it and then you upload it to your respective console. This mode is only for the virtual pro mind you, which is still good enough, but maybe in FIFA 15 you’ll be able to have this feature in the career mode.

FIFA 14 Game Face

FIFA 14 Game Face

Creating Your Game Face

The first thing you will need to do when creating your game face is to go to the official EA Sports web apps section by clicking here, and this is where you need to go in order to find the Game Face. The dedicated EA page will go through everything with you so there’s no need to panic, but you will need to follow these steps in order to speed up the process considerably.

Make sure to take a snapshot of the front of your face and another from a side angle in a really lightly lit area so that you get the perfect picture. You should also consider being extremely central when taking the shot so that it gets even more perfect. If you’re unable to perform this action yourself, simply ask a friend or family member to take the picture for you.

The photo generation is reasonably quick in truth, and it should not take any longer than 8 minutes, if it does then you might want to quit and restart the process from scratch. If for some unknown reason your photo is not being generated, then we suggest that you head on over to the dedicated troubleshooting page on the official EA website.

The quality of the Game Face does depend on what type of device you’ve got and of course the quality of it as well. Many players report that their Game Face looks nothing like them and a lot of them end up extremely disappointed. Only you can judge on how well you think yours has come out, but retaking your shots or upgrading your photo taking device can’t be a bad idea if all goes wrong.

Downloading Your New Game Face

Once your happy and you’ve gone through the process, you’ll now want to transfer your Game Face to your very own console. From the Virtual Pro menu, select download Game Face and it should all be successfully downloaded and saved. Remember, you can also do some additional editing in the edit pro tab if you wish to.

FIFA 14 Pro Clubs – Goalkeeper Tips

Be A Pro Keeper Tips

It’s reasonably easy to say that the Be A Pro Clubs game mode on FIFA 14 is not one of the most popular modes that’s enjoyed and played by the fans of the franchise, but for the majority of you that do use your time playing on it, we’ve got some helpful tips if you play in the goalkeeper position.

Be A Pro Keeper Tips

Be A Pro Keeper Tips

Goalkeeper Build

Depending on how you tweak this, you’ll either lose stats or gain them. It’s extremely important to get this vital ingredient right as you’re only going to have this opportunity once, unless you start-up a brand new virtual pro that is. We’ve found that choosing the Acrobat playing style really pays off, as it increases your goalies GK diving and GK reflexes by a small but handy margin.

If you select the traditional playing style, then your virtual pro will lose a little off of these two attributes and gain GK kicking, GK positioning, and GK handling. The first two that we mentioned are far more important attributes and you should definitely go for an acrobatic goalkeeper.

The height should be kept between 6’0 and 6’2. This is simply because if you put your height up any further, then your goalkeeper will lose his agility, reactions, and jumping. All of these are really important stats to have in your locker and you don’t want to be losing any of them over how tall your keeper is. If you select your goalie to be any smaller than our recommendations, then the goal will seem a lot bigger and your pro will have to be a sensational shot-stopper to say the least.

The footing doesn’t matter whatsoever! So you can select which ever feels comfortable for you, and the body type should be set to average.

Unlocking & Selecting Traits

There are many traits that you can associate your virtual pro keeper with on FIFA 14, but there’s really only three that you need to concentrate on, and they are:

  • GK Up for Corners
  • GK Long Throw
  • GK Flat Kick

You can acquire GK Long Throw after you successfully complete three goalkeeper accomplishments. You unlock GK Flat Kick after you complete seven accomplishments, and GK Up for Corners after you’ve nailed 24 goalkeeper accomplishments.

Be A Pro Goalkeeper Hints

One of the most underused and underrated features that players choose to ignore is the icon that shows you where your keeper needs to be placed in his area. By simply holding in LB on the Xbox 360, and L1 on the PlayStation 3 you can get a help in hand on where to place your pro when the ball comes towards you by using the directional button or left-stick controls.

Another useful tip is from the goal kicks, make sure that you always kick the ball our wide to the wings as this is where your team is most likely to retain possession of the ball and not lose it so easily. All that you have to do is look to your left or right and find someone in a good bit of space and hold in the square button on the PS3, and X on the Xbox 360 for the time that is needed in order to reach the player.

FIFA 14 Pro Clubs Best Striker Build Tutorial

Best Striker for Be A Pro Clubs

Many of you have been wanting a lot more content on the Be A pro Clubs game mode in FIFA 14, so we thought that we’d listen to you and supply you with more. What we’re going to be looking for in this post is the best type of striker that you need to create at the start of building your virtual pro star.

Best Striker for Be A Pro Clubs

Best Striker for Be A Pro Clubs

There’s loads of gamers out there that don’t have a clue on what to do at this point, and many of you are getting stuck and need our help. So with no further delay, let’s get straight to it and give you all the tips you need.

Getting The Stats & Build Perfect

Literally from the height, weight, body type and preferred foot, to the position, role and playing style, this has all got to be right for you end up having a total beast when it comes to putting the ball in the back of the oppositions net.

  • You should always choose average in the body type option to give your striker a little more muscle
  • You should always go with what foot you’re more comfortable with, e.g left or right foot
  • Always make a target man really big in weight and height
  • Make a finisher small and concentrate on his shot accuracy, ball control and shot power stats
  • The creator (playing style) should have pace, balance, vision and pass accuracy

A video posted by YouTube user FifaUTMoneyz gives a real insight into what rating/statistics you should give to each of the different attacking playing styles. Check it out below and leave your comments on your experience with your virtual pro player.

Some Basic Virtual Pro Tips

Basic Virtual Pro Tips

This is one of the modes which most people really enjoy and spend much of their time on when they’re away from the Ultimate Team. This is a cut-throat game mode since you’re playing against other teams whose aim is to score as many goals as possible against you.

Basic Virtual Pro Tips

Basic Virtual Pro Tips

This means that you’ve got to try your best to make sure that your opponents don’t destroy you. There’s also a lot of interdependent in pro clubs. In case you perform poorly, you will repel this onto your team mates who rely on you. The following are some of the beginner tips which will help you to succeed and become an all-round better player.


Decide precisely on what position you should play in right from the off. You must be comfortable and enjoy playing in the position you have taken at the start. You’re actually playing for fun, therefor choose the position that you want wisely.


This is the best technique used when playing pro clubs .Use the whole space available as much as possible to attack using the width of the pitch whenever you can. If you stay at one congested position on the pitch, then you’ll definitely not stretch the defense of the opponents and this will result into your team losing a variety of games. You should not expect to have the ball all the time and always try and learn skills to take opposition players on.


As I mentioned earlier, you should not expect to be on the ball all the time. As a team, you should make runs to open up channels for fellow team mates. This will help in creating more opportunities overall for the team. If you persistently get the ball to feet, then you are not using your abilities in a wise manner.


Always be keen to note when your team mate wants the ball. Furthermore, try to establish whether he wants the ball into space or into his feet. The following are some of the most common used signals to indicate where exactly players want the ball. If a player raises his hand up, it means that he is in a good position therefore needs the ball, and you should instantly play it to them. Give your team mates the ball when they call no matter what kind of situation they are in.


Communication is what in most cases differentiates a good club from a bad one. Always tell your team mates when you want the ball and exactly where. For example, if you want the cross to the front post, send a signal to them.

This will improve your game greatly. When you ask for the ball to be played to a certain direction, it’ll assist the club to really understand what you need from them and this will increase scoring chances .In the case of defense, if for example you want to make a run, communicate. You should not blame them later for not picking up the run if you never notified them. A club with proper communication tactics can be very potent and can destroy their opponents with a lot easy.


If you play really well with your Virtual Pro and develop him into a world class player, then you will unlock extra content and features. These typically include new celebrations or boots to use within the game. By completing the accomplishments, you’ll unlock new skills and traits that will only end up boosting your virtual pro’s overall stats.

Pro Clubs Finally Detailed by EA

Virtual Pro Accomplishments and Attributes

There’s been a heck of a long wait for gamers that have been waiting for news on the pro clubs feature and what it has to offer in this years installment. EA Sports have finally given out details via their official blog, and we’re here to round up all of the major talking points in what it has to offer.

The changes are due to a variety of feedback from fans that EA got throughout this calender year, so according to them this is what you the people wanted to see implemented.

The User-Interface

Pro Clubs Stats

Pro Clubs Stats

The menu layout that’s used for navigation and real-time statistics has totally been revamped for FIFA 14 pro clubs this year. A unique club invite system has pretty much replaced the old system with a transfer screen that’s been fully built into the mode. All of the requests as a manager and player have also been located into the new system as well.

The invites will also appear into your very own EA Sports Football Club (EASFC) hub in the form of alerts, whilst you can recommend your team to your friends list if you’re not the manager too.

With regards to the search functionality, you can view clubs through match history or search depending on what you prefer most. This is where you’ll find request a transfer, current season and the trophy cabinet screen.

Players can now search, create, and edit their clubs based solely on their ideal positions, so you can attract players knowing their strongest position on the pitch.

Drop-In Matches

Pro Clubs Drop-in Matches

Pro Clubs Drop-in Matches

Any drop-in matches has been completely removed this year, and this was because it provided a not so enjoyable experience for teammates. The number of users has been decreased to 5v5 matches to allow players more touches on the ball and to play in their correct position during a live match-up. The 11v11 matches were just so poor last year and EA had not alternative but to remove it for good.

All new uniforms have been added as well, whilst the overall stadium atmosphere has been dramatically decreased to give a more authentic feel to it. The Drop-In Matches don’t allow real stadiums, kits or leagues anymore either.

Attributes & Accomplishments

Virtual Pro Accomplishments and Attributes

Virtual Pro Accomplishments and Attributes

The attributes have had a makeover too, with physical traits like height and weight now more balanced than ever before! There use to be many advantages when editing and creating your virtual pro, but now that has been demolished.

The Virtual Pro’s peak has also had a slight change, so that a realistic feel comes off and players are not so overpowered like they were in previous editions. A statistics screen for your online Pro has been implemented, which features sort by position, overall stats, and the match rating from the charts.

The CPU players have had fixes to the appearance, so that they’re correctly based on your region this time round. One of the biggest request for this year according to EA, was kit numbers and to have them kept into the final full version game.


The Top 100 leaderboard will be making a swift return in FIFA 14 due to a large amount of feedback that Electronic Arts received from fans. It’ll be based on the quality of your opponent and will even give out a nice little bonus depending on the number of teammates you’ve got.

Making Matches Happen

Sorting out a match for you and your teammates can be extremely stressful and annoying at the best of times! So via the EASFC you’ll now be able to have the option of sending messages to online club members, even if they’re playing in totally different game modes. All they have to do, is go to EASFC, accept the invite, and then they’ll appear at the match lobby and it’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately the kit selection step has not been included into this years pro clubs mode, meaning you’ll have to select your kit before you craft your search.

FIFA 14 Virtual Pro – Dislikes & Likes

FIFA 14 Virtual Pro

We wanted to go through all of the likes and dislikes that are involved in the FIFA 14 Virtual Pro game mode in this post. The Virtual Pro is growing in popularity rapidly over the past year or so, and we wanted to compile a list of what the modes best advantages are, and it’s disadvantages are. You’re all free to comment and share your own thoughts using the comments box, as we welcome any feedback from FIFA fans.

FIFA 14 Virtual Pro

FIFA 14 Virtual Pro


The Captain

The captain was issued in last year’s installment, and many believe that it’s one of the most stupid inclusions in the whole of FIFA gaming history. If someone doesn’t like you,  thinks that you’re not playing that good, or a hogger of the ball, they can take you out of the team immediately. They also have the power to switch your position on the pitch as well. This really needs to go and fast, as it’s clear for all to see that it’s never going to go down well and it’ll never become popular with fans.

Virtual Pro For The FUT

Many fans want to see the ability of using their Virtual Pro in the popular FIFA 14 Ultimate Team game mode. This inclusion would go down as one of the best additions if EA were to implement it.

Real-Life Virtual Pro

The inclusion of being able to live the high-life of a footballer off the pitch would be such an amazing feature to be included. The fact that you can’t buy your own boots, attend press conferences, buy your own clothing for your player for his life outside of football, negotiate your own wage demands, and choose your very own squad number in your team. These features would make the VP a much more lucrative mode and insure that many more FIFA fans choose it over the career and FUT modes.



The club layouts, or user-interface is extremely slick on FIFA 13, and it’s rumoured to get even better for this year’s edition too. Navigating your way around on the VP menu using the side buttons to see your player to your accomplishments is really simple and easy to use which is a major plus point.


The introduction of seasons in Virtual Pro clubs was a real winner, as it motivated a lot of FIFA players to do a lot better than they would have previously. It also helped them to progress higher as well.

Customising Your Player

The ability to customise your player and make him look exactly how you want was, and still is a fantastic feature in VP. From hairstyles and general appearance, to naming, downloading your actual game-face, and accessories. You can basically change your player to exactly how you want him to look.

FIFA 14 To Be Unveiled To The Media This Week

FIFA 14 News

According to various reports all over the Internet this week, EA Sports are apparently going to unveil their upcoming FIFA 14 game to the media this week. There are rumours that individuals in Spain have been personally invited to a press conference this week.

Nick Channon who’s the video games producer and Sebastian Enrique who’s the EA Sports producer will also be in attendance. David Rutter has already officially said that FIFA 14 will be mainly about connectivity and focus on the Ultimate Team mode.

That doesn’t mean to say that EA are going to get rid of all the other features like virtual pro and career/manager mode. They just want to up the antics of the online mode a little more with this latest edition. The Xbox 720 is supposedly going to be an always online machine, so this will work in the new games favour.

If these rumours and gossip are true, we could all be looking at the first glimpses of the new FIFA 14 game on current-gen and next-gen consoles. With the latter being extremely interesting. What do you make of this latest news? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts below.

FIFA 14 News

FIFA 14 News