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Some Basic Virtual Pro Tips

Basic Virtual Pro Tips

This is one of the modes which most people really enjoy and spend much of their time on when they’re away from the Ultimate Team. This is a cut-throat game mode since you’re playing against other teams whose aim is to score as many goals as possible against you. This means that you’ve got to try your best to make

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Pro Clubs Finally Detailed by EA

Virtual Pro Accomplishments and Attributes

There’s been a heck of a long wait for gamers that have been waiting for news on the pro clubs feature and what it has to offer in this years installment. EA Sports have finally given out details via their official blog, and we’re here to round up all of the major talking points in what it has to offer.

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FIFA 14 To Be Unveiled To The Media This Week

FIFA 14 News

According to various reports all over the Internet this week, EA Sports are apparently going to unveil their upcoming FIFA 14 game to the media this week. There are rumours that individuals in Spain have been personally invited to a press conference this week. Nick Channon who’s the video games producer and Sebastian Enrique who’s the EA Sports producer will

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