The FUT 14 Web App Has Gone Live

After a long wait, the FUT 14 web app has now gone live and is available to all that wish to acquire it. We had to wait quite a while last night, but eventually we arrived at the Ultimate Team welcome page where we were met with a very bright welcoming. The page showcased the manager bonuses, what exactly has happened to your FUT 13 account, the player loyalty feature, chemistry styles and the FIFA points.

FUT 14 Web App

FUT 14 Web App

Gamers must note that there have been a lot of people trying to get onto the web app in the past couple of days to no avail. The original date for when it was supposed to launch was Sept 15th, however the web app appears to be available for a certain amount of people, so you might have to just keep on refreshing every 30 seconds or couple of minutes and you should eventually get some luck.

We’re telling you how to gain access to the web app and we want as many FUT players to get in as possible. The Web App IS will eventually become at it’s full capacity tomorrow on Sunday 15th September 2013, so you’ll be able to get on then at the very latest.

If you do in-fact manager to get the web app, then the best possible advice that we could give you is to not close or shut-down your laptop/Ipad/computer if you can help it as this may reset it and you might not be able to get back in for a good while.

Starting Up

If you’ve been playing the Ultimate Team mode for quite a while, you’ll likely receive a loyalty gift which will be located in the (My Packs) section of the Store. This gift will be a much welcomed one, as starting up can be difficult and you really do need all the coins that you can get your hands on at the start.

If you log-in to your account everyday, then you’ll receive daily gifts which will be a big help when it comes to trading. just make sure to log-in at least once per day to obtain the bonuses, even if it’s just for a couple of seconds to then log back out again.