How To Acquire FIFA 14 Specialities

Players willing to score points in FIFA 14 are given some additional add-ons which can improve their in-game abilities and other talents. These specialities cannot be generalised or used on all the players i.e. some for defenders can’t be applicable to forward players. These features represent the typical characteristics reflecting the players’ personalities and behaviours.

FIFA 14 Specialities

FIFA 14 Specialities

An insight to the features’ meaning and nature will probably help the player understand how to gain FIFA 14 specialities. Traits can’t be acquired ever, and players who have them will never lose them and they’ll keep them for their entire career. These are all discussed below in-depth:


With this specialty, a player of centre creation with 5-star skill moves or a real life player will require a dribbling rate of 86. On the other, editing the 1-star and 4-star skill moves of a real life player or transferring the traits to creation centre player for the same skill needs balance 75 and dribbling 86. This will enable the dribblers to go passed defenders with great confidence and the ability to attack.

For new players, this specialty can as well be gained through Balance 75 and Dribbling 85. This will give them the Dribbler Specialty and 4* Skill Moves. A skilled player can achieve a maximum of 4* Skill Moves by placing his dribbling statistics at high level. He can progress further to 5* skill moves if he showcases further agility of up to 76.


It is worth noting that the defence as well as the attack work rate of a player can’t be set at a high level but other combinations are possible. Besides, the player needs Heading 75 and Finishing 85 for him to gain specialty trait. Since the work rate of both engine and poacher stands at odd with each other, gaining these traits together is impossible. The player needs to have at least clinical finishing or poacher in order to be able to count towards complete forward.

Aerial Threat

To know how to gain this vital skill, you as a player should measure at 6’2 and under. The players need to strive for Heading 90 and then get strength to 85 or jumping. For players ranging between 6’3 and 6’4, aiming for Heading 90 would be necessary while those of height 6’5 and over should aim for Heading 75. This specialty will enable players to win aerial balls than anyone else on the pitch.


This is yet another important component to have. For the player to gain it, the sprint speed and acceleration must add up to 180. In other words, it can either be a 99/81 or 90/90 split. This is very necessary for wingers, as they’re able to run at defenders with their fast speed and take them on with blistering pace.


Before this can be acquired, the work rates of the player for both the defence and the forwards have to be set to “high’’. This trait will enable the player to have the stamina that cannot be matched in a real life situation. The player will be able to run up and join the attacks and will be going back to in the final third to help in defence whenever he gets the opportunity. These kind of players will not stop working for your team and they’re most effective when performing a counter-attack on an opponent.

Distance Shooter

Here, the Long Shots and power must have a total of 174. Thus demanding either a 99/75 or an 87/87 split. The player will therefore be able to shoot from long range distances and have an eye for goal from anywhere in the opponents half.

Clinical Finisher

The above can be obtained by having the Long Shots attribute at 80 and finishing stats at 86. This means the strikers will be so swift in finishing, defenders will not be believing their eyes. The only thing which will help the defenders is trying not to take a chance or gamble with these kind of deadly finishers.


For players less than 181 lbs, Strength 90 is required while those weighing 183 lbs and over need Strength 86. With an addition of this quality, the defenders, midfielders and strikers will be much more aggressive. They will outdo their opponents in a challenge with less struggle. It’s also the only specialty that can be acquired by a goalkeeper as well.

FK Specialist

In order to be a deadly set-piece taker, the Free Kicks need to be at least 86 and either Curve or Shot Power to 85. This add-on will increase the chances of scoring from set-pieces positioned at strategic areas of the oppositions goal.


To get your player the Playmaker special, he’ll need to get Short Passing 86, Vision 86 and Long Pass up to 73. This is a crucial element in the way to acquiring the Complete Midfielder tag.


Any position can obtain this fantastic ability, but the stats that are needed are Crossing 86 and Curve 80.


There’s in-fact two different ways that you get the Acrobat special, you can either get your players stats to Agility 86 and Reactions 80, or just simply Agility to 90.


For you to get the Tackling specialty, you’ll need to get Standing Tackle 86 and Sliding Tackle 85. This is one of the crucial elements to get the Complete Defender tag.


The player who acquires tactician is a force to be reckoned with and will read the game like no other, this type of player is captain material and you’ll need to get  Interceptions up to 86 and Reactions at 80 in-order to obtain it.

Complete Defender

With this specialty the player will be able to make the acrobatic clearances in the penalty area. This is possible having gained the acrobat extras mentioned above. With the strength specialty, the player will be able to overcome any opponent which dares to come his way. Winning the aerial balls will not be an uphill task for defenders. This will be achieved by putting aerial threat trait into action. Other extras that are critical for complete defender are tackling and tactician.

The player will require Sliding Tackle 85 and Standing Tackle 86 (tackling). Reactions 80 and Interceptions 86 (all for tactician specialty) will be required to enable the tactician to completely command his area when called upon.

Complete Midfielder

The player needs to have a position in either CM, CDM and CAM. He’s also required to have Vision 86, Short passing 86 and Long Pass 73 in order to acquire playmaker. A complete midfielder needs just two more after that which can be any two out of the following: distance shooter, engine, dribbler, FK specialist, tackling, crosser or clinical finishing.

Complete Forward

The three important specialties are clinical finishing, poacher and others like aerial threat, speedster, strength and dribbler. All of these have been thoroughly discussed earlier in this article at the beginning.