See How The World Plays FIFA

There’s quite a few stats that you might not know about the most successful football video game series and some of the most interesting ones have finally been revealed for the first time. The statistics are for the latest installment (FIFA 14) which was released worldwide on September 27th 2013 a couple of months back.

FIFA 14 Stats

FIFA 14 Stats Reveal

The official EA Sports Blog decided to release an info-graphic that neatly displayed all of the fascinating figures and in-game statistics. Some of the most impressive figures to be disclosed are as follows:

  • Most supported club – Real Madrid
  • Top goal scorer – Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Most popular goal celebration – Daniel Sturridge (ride the wave)
  • Every hour and a half there’s 338,000 wins, 991,000 goals, 459,000 games, 1.9 million goalie saves, and 3.66 million shots at goal.
How The World Plays FIFA 14

How The World Plays FIFA 14

To see a full length version of the image, simply click on it and then you can zoom in to get a much better look at it. FIFA 14 is out now on the PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, 3DS PC, and mobile devices including Android.