FIFA 15 Tutorial: Best Striker Build For Be A Pro

We’ve posted a video tutorial so that you can learn the best striker build to use on the FIFA 15 Pro clubs game mode. The Be A Pro mode is still as popular as it’s ever been, so we’re not going to stop giving out tips for gamers to use even if it’s only available on next-gen consoles. Watch the footage below to see three different builds we do for three completely overpowered strikers.

As explained above, it’s important to get the players height and weight right as this changes your players overall stats in the game. The two variety of centre-forwards that we cover in this tutorial are target man and finisher, with two examples showcased for the latter. Virtual Pro traits are also another useful feature to enhance your Pro’s effectiveness in and around the opposition’s penalty box.

The main traits that should be used for a virtual pro striker are the following:

  • Finesse Shot
  • Power Header
  • Outside Boot Shot
  • Bicycle Kicks
  • Skilled Dribbler
  • Diving Header

Most of those traits are essential ones, but the diving header trait is really an optional one and it’s entirely your choice on whether to add it to your players statistics. We’ll be covering more Be A Pro player builds in the future as well, so subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date.

  • Hi guys.

    How did you get your virtual pro’s stats so high before even starting a game ? Eg, when I create a guy the highest my finishing stat show is 70 as a striker, with the guy tou created it shows finishing as 80.

    How ?


  • Hi, how can I change my pro’s boots ? Can’t find the option anywhere

  • hi i think Second Wind best thing

  • Yeah, you should buy it all online!

  • Hey guys. I can’t figure out how to change from midfielder to defender to get all accompishments. Help!!!

  • hey sorry but why my player already made 10 games but in the evets stat only appear 1 complete game?? scored 5 goals but only appear 1?? i mean i cannot raise my player because its like he never did those games =(

    • Hi Diogo, this happens if the opposition team forfeits the match unfortunately, the one that you got that appeared was giving to you because the match was completed. This is a big glitch on Pro Clubs and EA really need to sort it out as we know ourselves it’s extremely frustrating.

  • Idemudia Williams

    Hey guys how do I stop my goalkeeper from coming out on controllably. Because sometimes he comes out on his own. Really don’t know if I am pressing any bottom that’s making him coming out.

    • To bring the keeper out you’ve got to hold triangle for PlayStation or Y for Xbox. Try avoiding those buttons and he should stay on his line in goal.

      • Idemudia Williams

        I don’t hold the triangle he just comes out on it own. Some say maybe because am always holding down L2 and R1 when playing. Could that be the problem? Would really love to know. Because is really affecting my games.

  • hello guys can you guys help me? i like to play pro clubs but im starting to not like it because i have my st 88 and he runs supper slow my height is 5’8 156 lbs and when i change it to cam same height and weight and he’s fast..there’s some times they pass me the ball and my guy starts running but they’ll catch him in 3 sec..I’ve seen some other players that they’re supper fast they’ll take our defense like nothing and they’re lower than 88?