FIFA 15: How To Defend From Corners (Tutorial)

If you’ve been searching for advanced tips on how to defend corner kicks on FIFA 15 and concede fewer goals then look no further. We’ve done a video tutorial for you that showcases our perfect technique so that you’ll literally never concede a goal from a corner again. Check out the footage below and watch in super HD our step-by-step guide to dominating defensive corners.

What we’ve done to breakdown the video in-order for players to understand all of the knowledge that we pass over is we have put our methods into four sections. So there’s step 1 to 4 and we go through all four of them in-depth and explain how to implement them into your game-plan. Step 3 and 4 are the most vital of them all and we recommend you watch the video in-order to get a better understanding of how to do it yourself.

Step 1: Use 100% Chemistry (FUT Only)

This first step is vital if you’re playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team as a squad with 100% chemistry rating means that all your players will perform better on the pitch and this only means great things all-round.

Step 2: Buy The Correct Players

Adding the right kind of players into your squad is the second step for our technique to work, this is not mandatory but it certainly helps. We’re talking about centre backs in particular and buying tanks like John Terry, David Luiz, Mats Hummels and players of that caliber. These leaders of men are a massive Arial threat in the air when going up for challenges and winning all of your headers. This again can only increase your chances of clearing the danger when your opponent has a corner kick.

Step 3: Use The Keeper Effectively

For this method you must watch our tutorial to know how to bring the goalkeeper out to claim the ball, and when not to bring the goalie out. Judging this is very difficult for most gamers but we’ve found a bulletproof way around this as the video above demonstrates.

Step 4: Header The Way It Came

This technique is by far the most effective out of all the tips we have given you in regards to never conceding a goal from a corner again. Basically all you have to do when jumping up for a header is header the ball the way that it originally came. This for some reason seems to work 99% of the time and is also bulletproof when it comes to players trying to score against you by using crosses.

So we hope this tutorial was a real big help for you in defending against corners, we’ll be releasing more just like this one regarding defensive tips so check back periodically or follow our social media accounts to stay up to date.


  • Very good shows


    Thanks, defending corners is always difficult in fifa

  • I have Handanovich and Sirigiu in FIFA 15 FUT. Neither claims nor punches the ball when I bring them out for a corner. Usually its a complete whiff of the ball. The gloves go over, under or sometimes through the ball but never any contact. Should I be holding down any other buttons? It seems like even after using all the above tactics, I almost always concede from corner kicks. Very frustrating.