FIFA 15 Penalty Tutorial – How To Score And Save Penalties

One of the easiest ways to score on FIFA 15 is from a spot kick, and this tutorial will help you understand how to score and save penalty kicks almost every time you wither have one or come up against one. Take a look at the HD video tutorial below to learn all the master tips to scoring and saving penalties in the game.

There are many ways to convert a spot-kick, we showcase all of the various ways you can score them in detail below.

Aim For The Top Middle

Aiming for the top middle is one of the most effective ways to scoring a penalty, you simply have to generate a quarter of a bar of power in your shot and push up on the left-stick for around one second and you’ll hit the crossbar and in or it’ll go in straight. Either way the ball will go above the keepers head into the goal and you’ll end up putting the ball in the back of the net which is the objective anyhow. Remember though, the more power you put in the more chance you have of missing the target and the ball flying over the bar or hitting the crossbar and going out of play, so try to stick to a quarter of a bar with this one.

The Stutter Penalty Kick

Now this method is more for swagger and to be a bit cheeky, i wouldn’t personally recommend it as there are so many negatives that are attacked to the stutter penalty. To perform it you simply have to shoot and then just as your player runs up to striker the ball you need to press the shoot button once more to activate the stutter. Once you do this you will need to aim for your spot but beware that this decreases your accuracy and you only need to hold down the left-stick for half the time than you’d normally have to.

This is a risky type of penalty, but it can be effective in the way that it may unnerve your opponent and you should only use this once in a game to mix up your play. I wouldn’t go and start doing it with every penalty you take and especially not in a penalty shootout.

The Chip Shot

This is again highly risky and you should only use this if you come to the conclusion that you will more than likely miss the spot-kick. I’m not saying that you will miss every time, but the downside to this specific shot is that you can only go down the middle which pretty much isolates you and your choices of where you can place the shot. To perform the chip penalty you simply press LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation whilst you’re powering up your strike.

Saving Penalties

Now saving penalties is supposed to be far more easier than taking them, well so they say. It is if you know how and now we’ll discuss some quick tips on how you can keep them out and be a decent shot stopper from pens. To stop the famous top middle penalty, simply stay where you are as the keeper and just hold up on the right-stick and you’ll keep it out. If the opposition player doesn’t put too much power into their shot then you can make a guess at where he’s placing it right up to the last minute and then diving the way he went to make the save.

Note that one of the most effective ways of saving pens is to dive early and simply guess where your opponent is going, it doesn’t matter how much power or who is taking the spot-kick, if you guess right you’ll be a hero for your team every single time. You can also use the brand new distractions feature that EA Sports have implemented into this years title.

To do these you simply press any of the four major buttons on your consoles controller, e.g square, triangle, X or circle on the PlayStation and each of these buttons will make the goalkeeper do something to try and put off his opponent. You can taunt the other player by telling him which way you’ll be diving, wave your hands about all over the place, and even wiggle your legs and body to put your opponent off his kick.

We hope that this tutorial will help you in keeping out and scoring those penalties in FIFA 15 and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on social media to stay up to date. Let us know your best practices for keeping out and converting pens by using the comments box designated at the footer of this page.