The Official FIFA 16 Release Dates Announced By EA Sports

FIFA 16 Release Dates

FIFA 16 Release Dates

With the current game having been out for well over 8 months now, gamers want to know when the new installment in the FIFA franchise will be heading their way and we have got the news for you. EA have officially revealed the FIFA 16 release dates and the title will be coming out in North America on September 22nd 2015, it’ll be out across Europe on September 24th and finally in the UK on Sept 25th 2015.

There has been various rumours on loads of websites over the past few weeks in regards to this but this was simply gossip and the official release dates are all now confirmed by the publishers. Electronic Arts have already started to get the face capture going by visiting a variety of football grounds this summer in preparation of more realistic player faces in the game this fall.

There are quite a few improvements that need to be implemented into the game and it’s not confirmed yet what EA are going to do about the broken transfer market. Since they installed the price ranges feature on FUT the market has crashed and is at an all-time low in terms of players not available or simple not selling.

So there you have it! You now know when the next installment of FIFA will be out and you can jot down that date for your territory in your calender and get ready for it’s anticipated release. We’ll have more news each week right here on FIFASolved so make sure you check back to stay up to date. You can follow us on social media and get notifications instantly.

  • Hope they sort the transfer market out in fifa 16 as I haven’t been able to buy the players I want for month’s now on fifa 15. They make so much money from these franchises that they should start giving better rated players in the packs u open too! Instead of opening 500k of packs and getting some 80 rated totw player worth about 20k. C’mon ea make it better this time please.

  • FIFA15 Worst FIFA

    EA sets a lower price for a price in transfer market. If I’ve that player and wants to “Quick Sell” it, its price is way below lower price. It should be equal to or greater than lower price range..