FIFA 15 Skills Tutorial: Advanced Roulette Tips

Roulette Spin FIFA

Roulette Spin FIFA 15

We’ve got another fantastic FIFA 15 tutorial for you today, and this one concentrates on a OP 3-star skill move which is the roulette spin. The roulette is the most overpowered 3 star skill on the entire game and is best to use when an opponent is running straight towards you at speed. In this tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know about it and you can watch the full HD video below that explains everything.

In a straight line with you as the attacker either with a midfielder or striker it is by far the easiest and most effective skill to perform and get results with on FIFA 15. We’ll now go through step-by-step all of the instructions of how to perform this move and everything you need to know about it.

Who To Use

This is quite obvious but at the same time very essential! You can use any player who has got 3 star skills and above and you may notice that most midfielders and forwards have got this and it’s mostly just defenders that have 2 or 1 star skills. Take a look at your own teams lineup and see what players you can select to perform the roulette with. Having a player blessed with terrific dribbling and ball control stats does help but is not mandatory.

Where & When To Use

All you have to remember in regards to where to use this neat trick is in the middle of the park preferable and to not perform it too early or too late as you’ll be tackled if you do so. You will have to make sure that your opponent is roughly a yard or half a yard away from you and is running directly towards you in an aggressive manner. If you follow these simple instructions then you’ll go round and beat the opponent every single time without fail.

Practice Before Heading Into A Game

A good idea would be to practice in either the practice arena or skill games before jumping the gun and heading into either your career against the AI or an online match against a real human opponent. I personally recommend that you go into the skill games and select advanced dribbling and the bronze level which i showed you in the video. There you’ll be able to practice no end until you have mastered the roulette fully.

This particular training game gives you quite a few yards of space until it times out and you have to do it again. The reason for choosing this over the practice arena is that is the opposite to the direction you’re facing in a match unless it’s your pro player you’re playing with then it’s fine. However, from the television camera so to speak it’s the complete opposite controls but in the skill games is the exact controls which makes all the difference and it’s easier for you to get use to the controls and get the hang of it there.

The Controls & Genius Memory Technique

For the controls on all consoles it simply involves just the right analogue stick and moving it about appropriately. For the memory technique i always say that you must start the right-stick to the opposite way you are shooting/facing and then rotate the stick all the way round or around the world as i like to call it. So if you are shooting from left to right then you would start left and then move the stick 360 around the world all the way back to where you started and so fourth.

If you need to learn this visually as it may be hard for some people to understand in text format then you should take a look at the video tutorial above as i explain by showing you on screen the controls. If you put all four of these methods into practice then you will be doing the roulette in no-time what so ever.

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  • Len Combs (@lencombs)

    Thanks for the video! I also found the Advanced Ground Pass skill game 3/14 very useful to practice the roulette as you can practice the timing against an AI defender running towards you repeatedly then finish with a pass to your team mate in the box when roulette successfully.