FIFA 15 Career Mode Youth Academy Player Tips

This is an in-depth tutorial regarding the FIFA 15 Career Mode Youth Academy and how to grow the very best young players potential ratings so that they’re all 90 rated world beaters. The youth academy is one of the most overlooked features in the game and should be used a lot more in-order to develop the best talent from every continent of the world. Take a look at the HD video below that explains this in more detail.

The footage lasts around 20 minutes and concentrates on the scout, where you should send him and to what regions, and how long to keep your players in the academy. I used Queens Park Rangers of the BPL in this latest video as we like to use different teams for various videos and it was the White City, London clubs turn for this one.

Head Scouts And Regions

So the first thing that you’ll need to do is get all three of your head scouts to a five star rating, with their experience and judgement both at five stars and this will cost you around 5 to 7 million in money. You may not see a top scout when you go to youth staff but just search and keep checking back at least once per week and eventually you will see one that you can hire. The advantage of having these is they’ll find the players who have a potential of 94 a lot more regularly than any other lower rated scout.

As for the regions you really don’t want to be going to either Asia or Australia as they are the lowest in pure talent, the regions that make up the average to decent talent are North America, and two parts of Europe. The best regions to go to are two specific regions in Europe, Africa and South America. The two best countries are Argentina and Brazil, with Spain and Portugal following close behind. Players from Brazil or Argentina tend to have adequate skill moves whilst players from England tend to have really terrific weak foot abilities.

Finding Player Positions 

Now one of the most difficult and frustrating positions that people find hard to locate from the youth academy are strikers believe it or not. The biggest mistake gamers make is they set their scouting network up for their scouts to go and find attackers or wingers when this will not find you a centre forward at all. Instead you should look for players who’re physically strong and this will bring back central-defensive midfielders, CAM and strikers.

As for all other positions, you select goalkeeper for a goalie, defensive minded for all defenders (CB,LB,RB and CDM) and wingers for a LM/LW and RM/RW and finally attackers for a CAM or wingers. If you select technically gifted then that is a lottery and any type of position could be unveiled.

When To Promote Players 

Now one thing of note that you should remember is that you’ll receive your youth academy report once per month on the 1st of each month. You should try and keep players scouted for around two months and then promote them to your youth setup, if your players are being poached and taken by another club then just simply reload your saved game back up again and sim the days or play your matches until the player has been scouted for approximately two months.

At this point you should then sign him up to your youth academy and you can then do one of two things. There’s a May update that some gamers might not know about. Basically your player which should always have a potential of 94 but his overall might be poor like in the 50’s or 60’s perhaps, if you look at your youth report after May, his overall estimation will skyrocket to the 70’s and possibly even late 70’s.

However, you may think this is a good thing but if you promote the players after May then their physical stats will suffer as a consequence. If you offer them a contract before May then their physical stats will be much greater and this is of great benefit to you. You can also glitch their potential so that they have (has potential to be special) as their status at the club.

At the end of the video if you watched it you might have seen the squad report after well over 10 seasons with my youth academy players that i used in my career mode with QPR. They are nearly all 90+ rated and most of them have compete defender, complete midfielder and complete forward as their specialties. That’s it for this tutorial, let us know if you have any questions regarding the youth setup by using the comments box at the footer of this page.


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  • Never played Manager mode – which help video could start me of or a book. You have a great way of helping/ presenting. No crap no prima donna attitude – hence I dont mind asking you . One more question where can i read about the `maths’ of Fifa 15. How does it use the player numbers in a match as it runs. I want to check its not too random

  • Why are the midfielders in the scout report all have low pace and strength and stamina

  • Good tutorial and i really got the answer that i’m looking for on striker. I agree about the striker.

  • i had a great keeper who was 17 and had ” has potential to be special ” and out of nowhere he jumped from 17 to age 57 , totally ruined my player , why did this happen ? Isn’t the first time it’s happened with another fantastic player

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  • If you edit the appearance of your players from the youth academy AFTER the 1st of January 2016 in your carreer, the player will almost certainly gain 40 years of age. Is there a way to avoid this? Besides NOT editing him?

  • Do not edit player until he is 18 years old.
    if u edit any player from youth academy he will turn 56 yaers of age instantly.

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    I have a problem with my youth squad, that is a couple of youth were signed when the squad limit was reached hence they remained in the youth squad. The squad size has been reduced however I cannot get these players to the upper squad. Is there a way of solving this?

  • Stephen, u posted in the description that once a player is in the youth academy, we might see his overall skyrocket to 70’s after the may update, but we should promote him before the end of may, so his physical stats grow properly…
    How come u never mentioned this in the video, and the striker that you promoted was after may…
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