FIFA 15 Pace Boost Tutorial – Fast Speed Tips

So in today’s FIFA 15 tutorial we are looking at how you can get maximum pace and acceleration with the speed boost which is a very handy skill to use in matches. Have a watch of the high-definition video below that gives out all the tips and tricks on how to perform this or read on if you’re not one for visual and like reading instead.

This specific technique is used by all of the top players and you might have seen all of the Division one and two gamers use it and now and again in the online tournament in FUT as well. To perform it you simply have to do any skill move that you like and then run immediately afterwards.

This might sound simple enough, but the way we’ve found to be the most effective is by doing a simple sidestep either way and then holding down the sprint button. To do a sidestep if you’re facing from left to right or vice-versa you just flick the right analogue stick up or down. If you are facing in the up or down direction on the pitch then you would flick the right analogue stick left or right and then hold the sprint button straight afterwards.

One of the huge benefits from doing the speed boost is that you’ll notice that your player will achieve maximum pace within a few seconds of running. Not only that, you will also be able to do that zig-zag type movements on the pitch where you’ll move side-to-side which is very unpredictable for your opponent and extremely tough to defend against.

You can literally do a roulette, sidestep, body feint or any skill move that you desire before performing the speed boost, but we say the sidestep as it’s one of the quickest to do before your player can get off the mark and bullet forward. Obviously it goes without saying that the players with the higher pace statistics like Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar etc, reeps incredible rewards.

Try it for yourself the next time you go into a game and to learn more FIFA 15 skills from our tutorials you can follow us on our social media platforms or subscribe to our official YouTube channel.