FIFA 16 Skills Tutorial: Scoop Chip Move

So there will be a lot of skills on FIFA 16 that many players will be familiar with, but this is an in-depth guide on a skill move known as the scoop chip. You can watch the full HD video tutorial below or continue reading on.

The controls are really straight forward and all you’ve got to do is flick the right analogue stick three times in a row in the direction you’re going in. It’s a really easy skill to perform and literally anybody can do this. One thing to take into account, is it’s a 3-star skill move so you can perform it with most players on the pitch.

The real reason as to why this is so incredibly overpowered is the sheer fact that not many gamers will be aware of it’s existence. I hardly ever see anyone at all perform this scoop chip and that will only play in your favour when you use it yourself.

The skill will be alien to most and if they’ve never seen it before, that can only mean one thing! They won’t have a clue how to combat it and tackle you. You’ve basically got to wait for the ball to come down again after you chip it up to your players chest. If players try to tackle you when you have scooped the ball up they’ll commit a foul and you will more than likely win a free kick or penalty.

As for the areas of the pitch It is best to use it in the opponents penalty box but you do it wherever you want. When you master it and get really comfortable you can even ship the ball up for a volley at goal and score some amazing goals.

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  • Arcadiass Gabriel JR

    Hello Steven/ FIFA Solved
    My name is Gabriel and original im from Romania, but a live in Denmark for many years.I realy have a problem too become a better player on football online FIFA 16. Last year in december some of my friends invite me for a dinner and too play FIFA 16,then after was eathing i start play FIFA 16 ,and belive me i get in love whit this game.It is true never play it before,then i promises to my self that im going to bay a PlayStation 4 whit 2 controller plus a big tv screen .One week letter i buy all this thinks and then i become a FIFA player online ofcourse.Can you help me to become a better player not good as you better then you hahahahaha.Here is my telefon nr 4560173742 so i Can explain you better what is my issue whit the game.Here you Can see how bad i play from 100 game online 90 of Them i was Lost and 3 of Them win and 7 drow.Sorry for my english, and i hope to her from you.

  • Dear Mr/FIFA Solved
    Thank you for your time too write it back i realy apreciated.Im not a memer of Twitter ,but im on Facebook .You Can find me if you search for this name Arcadiass Gabriel JR .I want to ask you when you defending do you use a speed,and what is the best too do?
    When you say 3 Star level you mean to play whit the team that have 3 Star level or what?
    I watched many of your’s video on youtube and stil im not get it enywhere whit mine game.I know it takes time.I do belive that i have the vision game,but when it come’s too play whit controller then im f….. Bad.
    What you recommend it too watched too learn how too play whit the controller!

  • I must say your tutorials have been of immense advantage when i play my friends but got little issue with my controls.. I shoot with d box, my sprint is R1 and i really don’t know how to use the joystick for direction…. So my question is :can one still make use of direction buttons?… Can it b incorporated by playstation