FIFA 17 To Use Frostbite Engine For Graphics

EA Sports have decided that it’s time is up for the ignite engine they’ve been using in the FIFA game series and opted for a more modern up to date one. FIFA 17 will use the Frostbite engine for graphics and gameplay. All titles since 2013 used the ignite engine but the Canadian developers hace moved with the times and decided to go more modern.

FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine

Every single sports game that EA developed used the ignite engine which when first introduced was the latest tech at the time, however the Need For Speed games use Frostbite so it’s not totally a shock to the system.

Developed by Battlefield creative development team, Dice, the Frostbite engine will supply gamers with a perfect visual presentation and it will be modified by Electronic Arts to make the game better and slicker than ever before. EA will no doubt start using this in all their other sports video games as well with FIFA 17 being the first.

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