FIFA 17 Shooting Tips: Finesse Shot Tutorial

Here you will find the best tips and tricks on how to shoot on FIFA 17 using the overpowered finesse shot feature. There is a certain way in which it’s used in this years title and you can find out more by watching the full HD video tutorial below.

These shooting tips will help you to score more goals and in turn win more football matches at the very highest level of the game. To perform the finesse shot you simply hold down the RB button on Xbox or the R2 button on PlayStation and then press the shoot button.

This will make the player take a shot with the side of his foot which gives more accuracy and also gives a curled swerve effect to the strike. It use to be the best shot for all previous installments but that now falls to the new OP low driven shot.

However, for on-on-ones you should use the low driven shot and for shots just outside the box you should use the finesse shot with about two and a half to three bars of power in the gauge. Make sure to aim for the corners and it should go in especially if the player has a long shot taker trait or finesse shot trait.

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