FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Cheats

Here you will find FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Cheats for all consoles with seven killer tips given out that also include some really cool in-game glitches. Check out the full HD video guide below to learn all the cheat codes.

The first tip is all about the Premier League POTM (player of the month) and involves Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane. The second is arguably the best one and it’s all about the OWT (One To Watch) cards and clever investment.

You should be looking at prediction videos from other Youtubers as this will help you know which OTW cards to invest in. The videos are usually out one day after match-days on the Sunday or latest Monday morning.

Better still, you can look up the live scores on popular websites and see if a One To Watch player has scored a brace or hat-trick then instantly go out and buy that player at a knock down price before it rises. If the FUT community think a player is going to get an IF on the Wednesday and it’s close to the time of release more often than not that OTW player will be extinct on the market so you’ve got to act quickly with this trading method.

There’s a really special glitch or two where you can see which SBC and packs are going to be released next. Both of the links to where you can find these really cool glitches can be clicked below.

●How To Know What Pack is being released – Click here
●FUT HTML Coding URL – Click Here

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