FIFA 17 Create Space Guide – Best Skill Move To Use

One of the hardest things to do on FIFA 17 is create space, especially if you’re playing online in FUT Champions, high online season or offline on legendary mode. The more difficult the opponent or difficulty setting, the tougher it is to generate space on the pitch.

In this tutorial you’ll learn exactly how to create space with a deadly skill move that will confuse your opponents and open up space in key areas of the field. Watch the full HD video guide below to find out how to do this easily and effectively.

The skill in question is so easy to do that literally any player on the pitch can do it which is extremely handy for players who might not have high skill star moves. It’s called a fake shot to stop the ball still and to perform it you simply do a fake shot which is the shoot button then the pass button but the difference with this variation is you don’t hold or move the left analogue stick. This will ensure that the player feints to shoot or pass but actually stops the ball dead still and fools the opposition defenders.

If you are still unsure on how to do this then checking out our FIFA 17 fake shot tutorial should help make life easier. You should use this technique on the wings where it will be most effective and in central areas high up the pitch in the opponents final third and penalty area.

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    Ive been wondering if there is a way to improve/edit the “composure” attribute on players and created players. There is no training for composure and no way to edit it.

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