FIFA 17 First Touch Tutorial – All Variations Covered

So in today’s FIFA 17 tutorial we’re going to cover all of the variations of the first touch which is one of the most important parts of the game. Take a look at the full HD video guide below which explains in-depth what all of them are and how to do them easily in matches.

Protect The Ball First Touch

Now this is one of the most important versions of the first touch and is not to be overlooked by any means. All of the top players in online seasons and FUT Champions are using this as it is extremely overpowered at keeping possession of the ball.

To perform it in game you simply have to hold down the L2 button down on PS3/PS4 or te LB button down on the Xbox 360/Xbox One and go towards the ball with the receiver. Our protect the ball tutorial explained how to do this with expert tips on the feature.

Fake Shot First Touch

This variation is great at creating goal-scoring opportunities and should be done with your wingers and strikers. Again this was covered extensively in our fake shot tutorial so take a look at that if you’re not that sure on how to do it. It can be done by performing a fake shot which is shoot then pass or cross then pass when you are about to receive the ball and move the left stick towards the goal.

Let The ball Run First Touch

Now this one is my personal favourite and can fool any defence and the top class players in the world. It should only be used on the wings and in attack and there has to be space in behind for you to be able to pull it off.

To perform it is very easy, when receiving the ball into feet, hold down the RB/R1 button and move the left-analogue stick in the direction where the ball is travelling in. What your player will do is let the ball run and latch onto the end of it. This is great to use with players who’ve got blistering pace and like to get in behind opposition defences.

Flicks & Tricks First Touch

Now this use to be the actual first touch but because there are so many in the game now it sometimes gets forgotten about by players. To perform it you simply flick the right analogue stick and literally do not touch anything else including the left stick.

I see it time and time again where players will say that this did not work yet the number one reason behind their failure was that they were still holding the left stick when only the right stick is required. The above video really explains how to use these best.

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