FIFA 17 Skill Moves: Scoop Turn Tutorial

Here is another FIFA 17 skill moves tutorial and we’re focusing on the scoop turn which is by far the most overpowered on the entire game period! Take a look at the in-depth HD video guide below to learn exactly how to do it and all the secrets of how to use it in matches either offline or online.

This is a 4-star and 5-star skill move and the first part of the setup is you’ll want to be passing the ball into your strikers feet. This is where you’re CAM or centre forward is coming into feet and receiving a basic normal pass. You don’t want to be doing a through ball pass as we’re not getting in behind here.

You’ll want to be holding down the left trigger button that’s LT on Xbox or L2 on PlayStation to protect the ball when it comes into feet. This will hold off the attempts of grabbing the ball from your possession from the opposition defender that will be marking you tightly.

Then as far as the actual controls are concerned you will want to perform a fake shot which can be done by quickly tapping cross then pass or shoot then pass. Immediately afterwards you then move the left-analogue stick in the direction you’re facing which will be the way you’re not shooting, then immediately move the stick in a smiley face/half moon motion and end up where you’ll be facing the goal.

It goes without saying that this may seem a lot to take in and a little daunting at first but eventually you will get use to it and the skill will become second nature to you and easy once learned and mastered to perfection. So make sure to practice over and over again and for a more detailed explanation you should really watch the above video tutorial.

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