FIFA 17 Skills Tutorial: Ball Roll Guide

In this post we will discuss the very best middle of the pitch skill move to use in FIFA 17 which is the sidestep or more commonly known as the ball roll. To understand more of how effective it is you should watch the full HD video tutorial below.

This is a 1 or 2-star skill move so it can be performed by literally anyone on the pitch which makes it really easy as you don’t have to think what star skills a particular player on the pitch has at the time of executing it.

To do it you simply move the right-analogue stick to the side of the player and your selected player will instantly perform a ball roll. It’s by far one of the most overpowered in the whole game and easiest skill to do and remember.

It shouldn’t just be used to go round opposition midfielders and defenders with, but also in the middle of the park if you just do one out of nothing then it can make all the difference and really put off your opponent from coming in for the challenge and make him second guess at what you’re doing.

Anyone who’s not very down with the skills and hardly ever uses them still probably does a ball roll every now and again as it really is so simple to use. The point and purpose of this tutorial wasn’t necessarily to show you the controls for this feature but more on how and when to use it.

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