FIFA 17 Skill Tips: Heel To Heel Ball Flick Tutorial

This is a FIFA 17 skill moves tutorial concentrating on the 3 to 4-star skill the heel to heel ball flick. In my opinion it’s not only my favourite of this years installment but it’s the most OP for getting past opposition defenders and midfielders. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn exactly how to do it, where to perform it and who to use.

If you checked out the above video then you would have also seen the neat little Division One/FUT Champions tip that i gave to get past a world class opponent who only contains throughout the match.

To perform it you simply flick the right analogue stick in the direction you’re going in and then the opposite direction you’re facing. It’s really easy but for best results you need to avoid the 3-star variation at all costs as it’s extremely underpowered and the 4-star version is much better and incredibly OP.

As for timing, you should execute it when a defender is about to to a stand tackle or sliding challenge and you will end up skipping straight past them with pace and in-turn gain momentum with your sprinting and dribbling.

The areas of the pitch you want to use it in are the middle of the park, the wings and the opponents penalty area where it’ll cause chaos and panic in your opponent. You can actually win a lot of free kicks and penalties with this method as well which helps in getting over the line in matches.

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