FIFA 17 Sweat Tutorial (How To Score Easy Goals)

Here’s an unusual FIFA 17 Tutorial, this time focusing on how to score sweaty goals which translated from FIFA slang basically means when you square the ball fro a tap in that your striker cannot miss. Take a look at the full HD video guide below and learn the four important tips for the perfect sweat.

Most players will be comfortable and know exactly how to pull this off but even if you are the tips i give out will increase your chances of scoring really simple and easy goals more often.

One of the biggest is committing the goalkeeper to almost take him out of the picture and create a goal-scoring opportunity where your centre forward can’t miss as it’ll be an open goal.

There are some football fans around the globe that don’t know about the offside rule where if both the player with the ball and a receiver are both past the opposition defensive line and you pass it back to him, it’s actually onside and not offside.

Cutting out trying to score from impossible angles and simply squaring the ball will also increase your conversion rate with chances. Knowing when to do a normal pass, through ball or pinpoint driven pass can also make the difference too.

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