How to Play a Two-Player Season on FIFA 17

FIFA 17 Two Player

FIFA 17 Two Player

A common question for those who are new to the FIFA franchise, or even just new to the FIFA 17 edition, is how to play a two-player offline season? With so many game modes available, many of which are more complex than the classic football games of the past, it’s pretty easy to get swept up in a world full of options. Soon, I’ll outline exactly how to play an offline season with a friend, but for now, let’s take a quick look at some of the modes available.

The major addition to this year’s FIFA is the “Journey,” a mode that some fans will love and some will hate. You follow the story of Alex Hunter, a relative of England striker Jim Hunter, from his humble beginnings in a team in London to realizing his premiership and international dreams. The Journey is a single player mass-effect style game that mixes RPG cutscenes and dialogue elements with FIFA skills and gameplay.

Interesting, but a mile away from any classic two-player mode. This sort of “Journey” style play would work well in a single-player game like tennis, where you could control your favorite player like Andy Murray, who had 14/1 on BetStars odds of winning the Wimbledon semis, but football is a team game, and players seeking the co-operative team experience will be disappointed here.

There is also plenty of online modes in FIFA 17. “Pro Clubs” lets you join or create online teams for up to 11-V-11 gameplay with people across the web in ranked matches. The “Online Season” is one of the most competitive arenas for ranked online play, but it’s a single player game. The “Online Co-Op Season” is similar, but is played with one other player online for 2-V-2 ranked matches.

As you can see, there are plenty of co-op games to be found in the online modes, but on the flip-side, you have to join up with and play against others online. You can’t play these modes with your friend who is physically sitting in your room with the second controller in hand. Each player in online mode requires their own connection and game for online play.

This takes us to the offline “Career Mode,” the bread-and-butter of FIFA seasons, and perfect for the classic gamer who wants to compete against the computer. There are two distinct modes within the Career. They are the “Player Career” and the “Manager Career”.

In the “Player Career,” you create or control a single professional player and compete to improve your skills and reputation, and ultimately to try to make your national team. You receive emails from firm managers about your performance and their expectations.

Although “Player Career” comes across like an obviously one-player affair, you can actually play this offline mode co-operatively. When the games start, you will have the option to choose the same team with two pads. The only problem is player 1 will always be in control of just one

player; whoever they choose for the career. Player 2, meanwhile, will control the rest of the team. A little imbalanced to say the least.

The actual mode you are looking for if you want to play an offline two-player season is “Manager Career”. In management mode, you are in charge of the team’s finances, tactics, transfers, new team member development, and all key decisions relating to your club. You can choose whether to simulate the season’s matches (making for a pure football manager-style game) or to play the matches yourself. Simply choose to play the matches manually, and activate the second pad as you would in any other game. You will be free to play a complete two-player offline season. In fact, you can play with up to four friends on the same team!

So, there you have it. After sifting through FIFA 17’s many brilliant gaming options, we have found the solution. For a two-player co-operative offline season, enter “Manager Career” and manually play all games co-operatively.

One comment

  • i m still astonished that they develope something like journey and we still cannot:
    -play online co-op pve in some career, season or at least tournament mode
    -play online co-op against other online co-op with people from our friend list
    -make a league or tournament with friends, so 10 of us can play competition 1vs1 online and everyone plays with everyone (if you know what i mean)
    -fake foul/penalty like in early fifa versions if you remember 1998
    -have a judge that makes mistake on offside etc.
    -fight or at least arguments with yellow/red cards epilogue like in nhl
    -choose jersey when we get online opponent (have you ever played germany-argentina with primary jerseys on telebroadcast co-op?)
    …and so many other things, believe me i could go on and on

    if somebody would listen to us who actually play this game for so long, they wouldnt need to spent millions on r&d and i m sure they unfortunately do.