FIFA 18 Skills Tutorial: Sombrero Flick Guide

So for our first FIFA 18 tutorial we have a 5-star skill move to share with you which is the Jay Jay Okocha Sombrero flick. It’s literally the easiest five star variation in the game! Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn how to do it or carry on reading.

The controls are very simple, the first thing you should do is make sure it is a five-star skiller on the ball. all you have to do then is make sure to let go of the sprint button which should be RT on Xbox or R2 on PlayStation and then flick the right-analogue stick in the direction you’re facing.

Sounds ridiculously easy huh? Well it is exactly that and it’s one of those skills where it is so uncomplicated that you won’t have to have any thinking time in order to perform it in a 100 mph match either online or offline.

You know how mad games can be and you won’t even think twice about pulling this one out of the bag during competitive play. The flick up tends to always go to the right of the player so take note on that as it will help you in your direction too.

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