FIFA 18 Best Controller, Camera & Game Settings Tutorial

So one tutorial that we cover each and every year is the basic game settings that you need to have implemented in-order to give you the upper hand. These tips will help you understand all your FIFA 18 controller, camera angles and control settings. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn all the secrets.

Camera Settings

There’s no doubt that the best advice i can give you is go with the camera that suits you and you’re comfortable with. However, the co-op camera angle is by far the best i have found on the entire game!

It has a perfect balance of not too zoomed in and not too zoomed out so that you can see all the pitch and every players run on and off the ball. It’s literally a game changer and the day i switched to it was the day my results started to improve even more than what i was already achieving.

You can even customize it more if you like but like i said it really does have the very best angle where you can still see which one of your players are on the ball so that you know what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Game Controls

This is totally down to your personal preference i personally don’t change any controls in my account as i have everything left on classic controls. This is only because i am use to it and comfortable with the current controls i have selected. One popular change among the community is switching the stand tackle button which is B on Xbox or circle on PlayStation with contain which is X on PS4/PS3 or A on Xbox.

This is because some find it’s easier to tackle with the closest button to your thumb which makes complete sense when you think about it. If you do decide to make changes with the controls then just be aware that it’s going to take you time to adjust and you will keep pressing the old previous controls for a while until your brain gets use to the changes.

Game Settings

For the advanced in-game settings it’s best to watch the tutorial above as it explains everything in-depth. Make sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get the latest updates on all future video publications.