FIFA 18 Crossing Guide – Expert Tips

Welcome to the best FIFA 18 crossing tutorial you’re going to find anywhere! It’s no secret that the previous title was flawed due to the inability to cross on the game but crossing is back this year and it’s better than ever. Watch the full HD video below to learn all the hidden secrets to delivering the perfect cross and scoring the perfect headers.

So there are so many tips to give out and one of the first is when you are about to cross make sure you’ve let go of the sprint button as this will harm the effectiveness of the delivery if it’s still held down compared to if you let go at the last second and just use the crossing button which should be square on PlayStation or X on the Xbox.

Now that we’ve established that, the power gauge is the next point i want to focus on. In previous installments you’ve had to get this spot on and make sure you put the correct power in for a specific type of cross you want to do. On FIFA 18 however the magic number to put in is two bars of power it seems to be a glitch in the game but yeah just go with it.

You’ll notice when you put in two bars of power as long as you get the timing right and no matter if it’s a near or far post cross it will always be the correct amount to implement.

Talking of timing one of the most important part of crossing is knowing when to whip it into the opposition’s penalty area. You can actually look at your teammates and see their runs that they make into the box and that is when you need to aim the cross at them with the power we’ve already established.

You can even aim the cross to go into a certain area of the box for a teammate to get their head on the end of it.

Now it’s time to talk about headers and how to finish and score them easily. There are two techniques the first is to double tap the shooting button and you will end up performing the low header which not many players know about only the pro’s tend to use this especially at the highest level in FUT Champions and online seasons.

The second method is simply heading the ball in the direction that it came from into the top corner of the net. So if you crossed the ball and it’s coming to the player from the left then header the ball into the top left corner aiming using the left-analogue stick. This also is a hidden secret that you will not learn not even from the developers.

The low cross controls have changed this season with you having to double tap the cross button instead of the old triple tap method. This is a great way to score easy goals but needs to be executed at the right time in the attack.

It’s best when squaring the ball for a sitter when both the passer and receiver are pas the opposition defensive line.

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