FIFA 18 Low Driven Shot Tutorial – 2 Techniques

This is a FIFA 18 shooting tutorial where we are going to explain how to perform a low driven shot and low shot. These are two different types of shots in the game that are easily the most overpowered to use in the final third of the pitch and for one-on-ones with the opposition goalkeeper. Check out the full HD video guide below.

Low Driven Shot

The controls are so simple all you have to do is double tap the shooting button which should be circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox. A neat trick i use is powering up the shot and for approximately one second and then quickly tapping the shooting button one more time and it produces a powerful low driven shot.

This is almost unsaveable in regards to the keeper especially if you aim for the bottom corners. It’s so OP that you can even slot it through the goalkeepers legs more often than not.

The New Low Shot

So EA Sports have introduced a brand new low shot into the game and it’s really easy to do as well. All you have to do is power up the shot gauge to around 1 to 1 and a half bars of power and your striker/midfielder will perform a low shot full of precision. This is an extremely accurate shot as it sacrificed the power for accuracy but be aware that you’ll need to be extremely close to the goal in-order to pull this one off.

Killer Tips

One very rookie mistake that FIFA 18 players will make time and time again is holding down the sprint button whilst shooting. This will decrease your chances of scoring by 90% but if you run at full speed and then when you’re just about to fire let go of the sprint button you will increase your chances greatly.

Also look at the opposing goalkeepers position in his goal, wherever he is occupying then simply aim for the opposite corner and it should be a goal if using one of these incredible methods.

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