FIFA 18 Set Piece Tutorials | Corners | Free Kicks

FIFA 18 Set-Piece Tutorials

FIFA 18 Set-Piece Tutorials

One of the most important ways of defending and scoring goals on FIFA 18 this is our complete set-piece guide. Here you’ll learn numerous corner techniques, free kicks and penalties. Simply click on any link below of the tutorial you wish to learn and you’ll be taken straight to that page to gain the knowledge.

Set Piece Tips

FIFA 18 Rabona Free Kick Tutorial

FIFA 18 Attacking Corner Tutorial

FIFA 18 Best Settings

FIFA 18 How To Save Penalties

FIFA 18 How To Score Penalty Kicks


Custom Tactics

High Pressure Tactics

Tiki Taka Tactics

Counter Attack Tactics


  • Hi, I really like your videos, & I have just purchased your coinage tutorial.
    I notice while playing ultimate team that each team I create seems to have a life span, of around 8 to 10 games.
    I first noticed this on Fifa 17 where at one stage last year I built a fantastic Bundesliga team, and I walked all over every team I played, at that stage I was in online season div 4, I used exactly the same team in div 3 and lost every game and got relegated straight away. Since then I have noticed exactly the same pattern, sometimes changing the custom tactics breaths new life into a team for a few matches, but in general one or two season is the most I get from any team.
    So my questions are: Is this all in my head? Am I doing something wrong?
    I could never figure out why the EA catalogue offered more squad slots, that now making me think that there is something that I’m missing?
    I don’t consider myself to be a brilliant fifa player but I know I’m reasonably good, I don’t really play the weekend league as I don’t have the time to play 40 matches, the one time that I did, I got to gold three, by playing 31 matches, so that should give you an idea of roughly where I’m at.

    • Hi Patrick thank you for the comment, look you are not a poor player at FIFA you’re actually quite good and no it’s not all in your head. There are plenty of glitches and cheats on this game unfortunately and it’s ruining it i get tired of it myself and the game is not about skill anymore but more on how much the company (EA) can make out of new customers. I don’t know what to say other than i hope and pray that they change this and soon.