FIFA 18 Skill Tutorial – Fake Rabona

Here’s another FIFA 18 skill tutorial and we’re focusing on the fake rabona which is a 5 star skill and one that is great for creating space. It’s the best 5 star skill on the game in terms of effectiveness and confusing the opponent. Check out the full HD video guide below to learn how to do it.

First of all you need to make sure you have a 5 star skiller on the ball because they are the only types of player that can perform this skill. The controls are quite simple, you just need to perform a fake shot while holding L2 (PlayStation) or LT (Xbox) and move the left analog stick in the opposite direction to what you’re going in.

You’ll notice that it’s extremely good at getting you a few yards of space to get out a shot cross or even throw in another skill move. It confuses the opponent to no end and you will hardly ever get tackled when you do it.

You can even perform a scoop turn afterwards which creates a combo that is deadly and really helps get past great defensive minded players. It’s best to use it on the wings and in the final third as it can win penalties due to defenders not wanting to commit to tackles with a really fast paced skill move.

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