How To Score Headers In FIFA 18

One of the most frequently asked questions on the site is how to score headers in FIFA 18 and today you’ll find out exactly how to. Watch the full in-depth video tutorial below to learn the secrets method of scoring from crosses using a deadly finish.

So we are in-fact talking about the double tap header which is more commonly known as the downward header. This can be performed by double tapping the shoot button around a second before the ball reaches your players head.

It is by far the most overpowered way of converting chances from crosses into the oppositions box. If you decide to do the more powerful header then you should look to see if your strikers have got the (power header) trait as this will give you an advantage. To do that you simply hold down the shoot button and put about 2 bars of power into the gauge.

Always remember to header the ball from where it came from as well because this will wrong foot the goalkeeper and give him almost no chance of saving the shot. For more great tips like these, make sure to subscribe to the official YouTube channel to stay up to date.