How To Defend Against Low Driven Shots In FIFA 18

If you ever wanted to know how to stop low driven shots then this FIFA 18 defending tutorial covering sliding tackles will show you how. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn all the secrets to stopping the most overpowered shot in the game.

This is part of the defending school series and it’s all about getting into the shooting lanes of where the ball is going to go from the players foot when they shoot, up until when it hits the back of the net.

If you position your defenders to get into these lanes and then slide tackle you’ll actually prevent low driven shots with an important block. This is what the pro players use and it’s not common knowledge so you will have a big competitive advantage whilst using this in matches online.

You have to be aware though that is they sell you with a skill move to cut inside then you are done for. This is a risk but you have to be 100% certain that they will take the shot on and most players will do in those circumstances.

FIFA in general is all about being a guessing game so you will ultimately stop more goals than concede them that is a fact! Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all the videos we post and follow us on social media too.