FIFA 18 New Updated Crossing Tutorial

Earlier when the game was released we did a crossing tutorial for all the crosses in the game! Now though, we have an updated FIFA 18 crossing tutorial that will help you convert more crosses into goals to go with our heading guide that we published on the site just last week. Check out the full HD video tutorial below to learn more.

With this technique it is formally known as the early cross but it’s more of a high cross than anything else. To do it you simply hold down the LB/L1 button and then put in 3 or more bars of power in the gauge.

You needn’t worry about the ball going out of play for a throwing as this glitch cross always reaches the back post no matter what. This feature will pick someone out whoever is in the middle, so if there’s no-one at the back post but they’re in the middle then it will go straight to them by default.

This is easily the most overpowered crossing technique in the game and you will bag yourself plenty of goals by using it. The fact that 90% of players protect and stop play to the middle will mean you will have plenty of success with it too.

It offers another dimension and unpredictability to your gameplan so you can keep the opponent guessing and score a variety of different goals as well. Make sure to sub to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates on all the videos we publish.